These are a few of Mr. Rewrite's favorite things

Here's another video blog from Mr. Rewrite -- and another one featuring some of his favorite misspelled signs from days gone by.

Most of these are from the streets of NYC. There's noplace like the Big Apple for spotting misspelled signs. For the Arizona folks out there, one is from Prescott Valley. You can see it from State Route 69. The "Elementry School" sign was in Anthem. It's since been corrected.

You'll find all of Mr. Rewrite's video blogs, such as they are, on his YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/irewrite. There's a link at right.


Things are slowing down on Mr. Rewrite's Valentine's Day Apostrophe Confusion Watch (TM). As of this morning, 1,329 articles misspell the big day as Valentines, as indexed by Google News. At this rate, we might not make our goal of 2,000 media misspellings by Friday, when Mr. Rewrite expects the misspellings to peak. Here's the chart:

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