A sour note leading up to the Grammys

Mr. Rewrite was pumped up, gettin' jiggy wit it (cq), busting a move, etc., about Sunday's Grammy Awards. Then he started seeing articles -- lots of them -- referring to the Grammy's and even to the Grammies.

Talk about hitting a sour note.

People, people, people: It's the GRAMMYS, no apostrophe. How does Mr. Rewrite know? He looked it up on the official site for the Grammy Awards. Why the Grammys? Mr. Rewrite will take a stab at this below, but it doesn't really matter. An awards show can call itself whatever it wants. It's our responsibility to check and to spell it correctly.

And now Mr. Rewrite's take on Grammys vs. Grammies: You aren't talking about an inanimate object here (e.g. fanny vs. fannies). It's a name, like Pennys as the plural of Penny. Please tell Mr. Rewrite you wouldn't use Pennies as the plural of the name Penny. Please.

As for Grammys vs. Grammy's, that's just another silly greengrocer's apostrophe error.

When Mr. Rewrite was a hip lad, he had to look up such things in reference books. Today, it's just too easy to check for these mistakes to find their way into the paper or onto Google News. Let's clean it up.

And yes, Mr. Rewrite is cranky this a.m. Time for some coffee.


Oh, here's an update on the
Mr. Rewrite's Valentine's Day Apostrophe Confusion Watch (TM). Today's carnage: 784 misspellings on Google News, an 11 percent increase from Wednesday.

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