Read this post; it's a good one

One of the most e-mailed articles on NYTimes.com today deals with the attention lavished on a New York City subway sign that uses a semicolon correctly.

It started last week with a blog post and podcast paying tribute to the sign and its well-placed semicolon. Next came this article featuring the Metropolitan Transit Authority employee. The article includes a comment from Lynne Truss of Eats, Shoots & Leaves fame.

Mr. Rewrite bets you expect him to attempt a humorous use of a semicolon at about this point. Just to spite you, he won't.

Almost as entertaining as the semicolon talk is this correction:
An article in some editions on Monday about a New York City Transit employee’s deft use of the semicolon in a public service placard was less deft in its punctuation of the title of a book by Lynne Truss, who called the placard a “lovely example” of proper punctuation. The title of the book is “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” -- not “Eats Shoots & Leaves.”

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