Most Misspelled: Obama has the momentum

Mr. Rewrite's Most Misspelled Names in the News seems to be following the fortunes of the Democratic candidates. After three very close weeks that had Hillary Clinton with the slightest of leads, Barack Obama takes a solid lead after a string of wins over the weekend.

As of late Sunday night, Obama's tricky first name was misspelled
Barak 661 times in articles indexed by Google News. Clinton's first name was misspelled 557 times as Hilary and Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Here's the rest of this week's list:


Things haven't improved on the Grammys front. As of late Sunday, Google News had a few hundred articles botching the name as Grammy's and several dozen as -- eek -- Grammies.


Mr. Rewrite is getting closer to making his Valentine's Day donation to the American Heart Association. As of this morning, his Valentine's Day Apostrophe Confusion Watch (TM) stood at 1,239 articles misspelling love's biggest day as Valentines, as indexed by Google News. If the chart tops 2,000 by Feb. 15, Mr. Rewrite will donate 5 cents for each botched article, up to $150.


Mr. Rewrite tries to avoid "working blue," as they say. But he can't resist passing along this hilarious headline spotted by Espresso Pundit.

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