Mr. Rewrite will NOT tow the line on this one

Here's a photo that almost made Mr. Rewrite's grizzly/grisly video blog from the other day. He liked it a lot but decided to go with the gal.

Mr. Rewrite really let his rock lawn go. He spent all morning yanking weeds. Because of that, this will be less involved than most mailbag reviews. With that, let's clean out the virtual mailbox ...

From across the pond, a proper noun error interferes with justice. Detectives in Great Britain asked agencies to check for evidence that a missing teen was still alive, then learned nine months later they had misspelled her name.

Readers of The Times of Shreveport have a chance to gripe about errors in the paper. One is ripped straight from the headlines of www.irewrite.net: "a grizzly dogfighting operation." Here are some others, which Mr. Rewrite will run through Google News to see how many other articles make the mistakes:
Mr. Rewrite appreciated this gentleman's take on misspellings in PowerPoint presentations. The key point: "When you have these glaring spelling mistakes in your slides, here’s the image you are portraying to your audience: sloppy and cannot be bothered." Hear, hear.

They're teaching the kiddies well at the University of Washington. The Career Services office tells the student paper that the smallest spelling or grammatical error in a cover letter can doom a job applicant.

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