Mr. Rewrite is skipping Valentines Day

All right, Mr. Rewrite is still woozy from watching seven news channels at once on Super Duper Tuesday. So he'll kiss off today's post by launching an annual Valentine's Day Apostrophe Confusion Watch (TM).

The holiday is Valentine's Day, named for St. Valentine -- singular -- not for all of those valentines Mr. Rewrite will deliver to Mrs. Rewrite, Rewrite Jr., relatives and friends. Here's the History Channel's rundown on the history of Valentine's Day.

Mr. Rewrite finds it amusing to count the incorrect references to Valentines Day -- hundreds so far -- on Google News, made by those paid to know better. You'll also find plenty of botched references to New Year's Day (New Years Day), New Year's Eve (New Years Eve), St. Patrick's Day (St. Patricks Day) and Veterans Day (Veteran's Day).

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