As a matter of fact, it is a Trift Store

Mr. Rewrite enjoys making fun of misspelled signs. But he's glad he never took a shot at a Prescott, Ariz., Disabled American Veterans operation calling itself a "Trift Store."

Hr. Rewrite will let this editor's blog from Prescott's paper give the interesting and touching background, but the upshot is anyone trying to correct this store's name to "Thrift Store" would be making a proper noun error.

You can spell the name of your kid, store, cat, etc., any way you want. And many people do just that these days, based on the number Brit-knees and such. Heck, Mr. Rewrite could have named this blog Mr. Reright. When that happens, it's up to the rest of us to hold our noses, grin, guffaw, whatever, and then spell those names accurately.

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