Obama vaults to top of Most Misspelled list

Forget the New Hampshire polls. If you want a sure sign of Barack Obama's "Iowa bounce," check out Mr. Rewrite's latest ranking of the Most Misspelled Names of the News.

Since last week, Obama has surged past billionaire Warren Buffett and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for the top spot. As of this morning, Obama's first name was misspelled Barak nearly 300 times in articles indexed by Google News.

Clinton came in second with 236 misspellings (Hilary; Hilary Rodham Clinton).

Rudy Giuliani led Republicans with nearly 200 misspellings (Guiliani, Guliani, etc.).

French President Nicolas Sarkozy (171 misspellings: Nicholas) joins the Most Misspelled list. Mr. Rewrite forgot to check his name last time. That also happened with actor Nicolas Cage (164 misspellings: Nicholas), who's starring in the blockbuster sequel to "National Treasure."

Everyone who scored at least 100 misspellings is shown above, including Buffett, who drops to fourth (181 misspellings: Buffet).

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