Despite South Carolina, Clinton has the edge

Can Hillary Clinton keep the Most Misspelled Name in the News after getting hammered in South Carolina? Mr. Rewrite's answer: YES SHE CAN!

In fact, Barack Obama came in third when Mr. Rewrite ran the numbers late Sunday (
Barak; 441 misspellings). French President Nicolas Sarkozy had jumped ahead of him (Nicholas; 443 misspellings) after making a trip to India and having his first name botched repeatedly there.

The media, as indexed by Google News, continue to misspell Clinton's first name with abandon (
Hilary or Hilary Rodham Clinton; 461 misspellings).

Rudy Giuliani (Guiliani, Guliani, etc.; 326 misspellings) keeps climbing as the make-or-break Florida primary approaches.

Robert De Niro (DeNiro; 109 misspellings), a longtime Most Misspelled all-star, makes an appearance as he gets some buzz out of the Sundance Film Festival. When De Niro has a film out, he always contends for the Most Misspelled lead.

Mr. Rewrite needs to issue his first correction: He's been overstating Britney (Brittany) Spears' Most Misspelled numbers. It turns out there's a talented basketball player at the University of Colorado named Brittany Spears. He'll start filtering out "Colorado."

Finally, Mr. Rewrite wants to pay tribute to Brett Favre. It's uncertain whether Favre is coming back next season, and Mr. Rewrite has enjoyed tracking misspellings of his last name (Farve) for a few years now. Favre hit 47 misspellings this week, which leaves him well out of the rankings.

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