You too can make a 'DIFFERENT'

Let's catch up on some odds and ends cluttering Mr. Rewrite's mailbox.

Mr. Rewrite's love affair with YouTube continues. The video above has inspired Mr. Rewrite to attempt his own video post featuring a misspelled sign. Look for that soon, once he figures out his camcorder and iMovie.

A Malaysian newspaper features not one but two letters to the editor crying foul over spelling and grammar errors in English-language advertisements. The pictures are great. Mr. Rewrite's favorite, which touts a business teaching English: "YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENT!"

Mr. Rewrite enjoyed this Poynter Online interview with Craig Silverman, creator of Regret The Error, a terrific site featuring newspaper corrections. Mr. Rewrite features Regret the Error in his Web links at right.

A newspaper columnist describes the shame and horror of being corrected by three retired English teachers after writing, "By the time the illness struck my wife and I ..."

Mr. Rewrite is thankful to live in a place where no one has to spell "Caerfyrddin." This article from across the pond calls attention to an embarrassing misspelling on a highway sign.

A newspaper offers this fairly funny look at its own spelling and grammar errors from 2007 -- and even some that almost made it into print, such as a reference to the Make-a-Fish Foundation.

Here's an interesting article on a Facebook group that monitors grammar and spelling mistakes. Mr. Rewrite would love to join, but first someone needs to explain Facebook to him.

Some breaking news: The American Dialect Society has chosen subprime as its 2007 Word of the Year. Here's the AP story. Everyone seems to have a Word of the Year, so here's Mr. Rewrite's: DICTIONARY. To honor the occasion, Mr. Rewrite links here to the thousands of blog posts spelling it DICTIONERY. Yikes.

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