Clinton is Most Misspelled List's comeback kid

Is Hillary Clinton really the "Comeback Kid?" Mr. Rewrite has no idea, but he can say that Clinton has staged a comeback of sorts on this site's list of the Most Misspelled Name in the News. As of this morning, she held the top spot, edging out Barack Obama.

Clinton, who had fallen to third place last week, was misspelled
Hilary or Hilary Rodham Clinton in 409 articles indexed by Google News.

Obama, the leader over the past few weeks, was right behind, with h
is name misspelled Barak in 403 articles.

Mr. Rewrite bids a fond farewell to the San Diego Chargers, whose NFL playoff run ended yesterday. After peaking at No. 2 last week, quarterback Philip Rivers drops to sixth with 190 misspellings (
Phillip). And running back LaDainian Tomlinson makes what could be his only Most Misspelled appearance with 136 misspellings (LaDanian; La Dainian).

Britney Spears has another respectable showing with 153 misspellings (
Brittany), tying Condoleezza Rice (Condoleeza, etc.).

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