Clinton falls to third, probably wouldn't care

Hillary Clinton has fallen to third place. And it isn't John Edwards who bumped her.

While Barack Obama continues to lead Mr. Rewrite's list of the Most Misspelled Names in the News, a new find, San Diego Chargers' quarterback Philip Rivers, runs a strong second.

With San Diego making an improbable run into the AFC championship game, Rivers' oh-so-troublesome first name was misspelled Phillip 380 times Monday night in articles indexed by Google News. Look for him to rise as long as the Chargers stick around.

Obama's first name was misspelled Barak in 413 articles.

Clinton, meanwhile, headed into the Michigan primary with her name misspelled Hilary or
Hilary Rodham Clinton in 322 articles.

Mr. Rewrite is excited to have Britney Spears finally cracking the 100-misspellings barrier and making the list. Her name was misspelled Brittany in 118 articles. That should bring Mr. Rewrite hits aplenty once Google and Yahoo crawl this site.

Amare Stoudemire makes his Most Misspelled debut this week. Mr. Rewrite found 105 articles misspelling his name as Stoudamire.

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