ITube, YouTube, WeTube, TheyTube

Mr. Rewrite gets a kick out of this YouTube thing. No wonder it has the young'uns and presidential candidates atwitter. If it's so blasted popular, however, we have to ask why those paid to get their facts straight often botch the name as You Tube, two words. Hundreds of articles on Google News refer erroneously to You Tube.

The Web makes it easy to confirm the correct spelling and format of company names. In YouTube's case, the Company Information page has everything you need.

Call Mr. Rewrite overly picky, but even the simplest proper noun errors drive him nuts. These mistakes hurt your credibility.

Speaking of YouTube, Mr. Rewrite was excited to see the entire Grammar Rock collection lurking there. Mr. Rewrite features Conjunction Junction above in honor of yesterday's post. He's also partial to Verb! That's What's Happening, Interjections! and Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here.

Much as Mr. Rewrite applauds the idea behind Grammar Rock, he finds the rest of the videos pretty lame:

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