A ho, ho, horrific treatment of old St. Nick

Don't be surprised to receive coal and switches if you fail to treat the jolly old elf's name carefully. As the holiday approaches, hundreds of articles on Google News spell the big guy's name Santa Clause. Yikes.

For the record, it's Santa Claus. Mr. Rewrite also accepts Santa Klaus.

Mr. Rewrite grants that some -- but not many -- of these stories refer to a movie trilogy called "The Santa Clause," in which "Clause" refers to a real "clause." But most of these appear to be plain old misspellings.

Mr. Rewrite has been very good this year, Santa Claus. He'd like an updated almanac (any brand will do) and Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog.


Mr. Rewrite also is distressed to see so many references on Google News to seasons greetings -- scores of them (see examples below). It's possessive, as you're sending greetings of the season. So it should be season's greetings.

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